MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction System for Paediatrics

The joint system is intended for the treatment of correctable contracture of the hip joint in paediatric patients. The system consists of two components, the corrective joint (called modular joint) and the abduction uprights. The components are mounted on an orthosis. The orthosis positions the patient’s leg in the correct position and stabilises the hip joint. The adductor muscles are stretched by slow elongation. The joints can be locked and unlocked at the optimal position. Adjustable flexion and extension stop: Large 15° interval, Medium 12° interval.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Treatment of correctable contractures of the Hip Joint such as Diplegia - spastic, Hip Joint Sublaxtion, Tetraplegia - spastic, Triplegia - spastic.


Measure 1: Maximum torque output Measure 2: Housing diameter Measure 3: Joint Weight


Trial system may only be used in orthotics designed for the lower extremities and may not be ballasted.

Item No. Model Size Measure 1 Measure 2 Measure 3 Age
697210000 MultiMotion Abduction Bars Small < 105 cm - - -
697200000 MultiMotion Abduction Bars Regular > 105 cm - - -
691520000 MultiMotion Modular Small 3,4 Nm 35 mm 100g -
691400000 MultiMotion Modular Regular 10,2 Nm 53 mm 245g >4 years
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MultiMotion Hipabduction