MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction System for Paediatrics

This system is assembled on a custom made long leg orthosis and provides for a dynamic stretch in the coronal plane (the adductors) while statically allowing the practitioner to set the rotation angle of the hip. This allows for the leg to be positioned ina physiologicallyn correct way and to stabilize the hip joint. The adductors are successively, precise and evenly stretched.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Treatment of correctable contractures of the Hip Joint such as Diplegia - spastic, Hip Joint Sublaxtion, Tetraplegia - spastic, Triplegia - spastic.


Measure 1: Maximum torque outputMeasure 2: Housing diameterMeasure 3: Joint Weight


Trial system may only be used in orthotics designed for the lower extremities and may not be ballasted.

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Item No.ModelSizeMeasure 1Measure 2Measure 3Age
692000011Corrective System JointSmall3,4 Nm35 mm100g-
691000012Corrective System JointRegular10,2 Nm53 mm245g>4 years
697210011Abduction Bars - Body LengthSmall< 105 cm---
697200012Abduction Bars - Body LengthRegular> 105 cm---
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