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For best results in manufacturing the MultiMotion joint its recommended to use the Alignment Device to ensure the joints are properly aligned to the cast. This alignment tool is reusable.


Dummies for manufacturing are listed under the joint section.

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Item No.ModelSizeMeasureUnit/Pack
699500000Alignment Device---
699000000Roundhead Screwdriver ---
691010000Central Housing ScrewRegular--
691020000Retainer RingRegular--
691030000Housing Regular--
691040000Force Output Indicator DiscRegular--
691050000Tension SpringRegular 10,2 Nm-
691060000Flexion/Extension StopsRegular -2
691070000Upright ScrewsRegular -4
691080000Bar Attachment BushesRegular -4
692010000Central Housing ScrewSmall--
692020000Retainer RingSmall--
692040000Force Output Indicator DiscSmall--
692050000Tension SpringSmall 3,4 Nm-
692060000Flexion/Extension StopsSmall -2
692070000Upright ScrewsSmall-4
692080000Bar Attachment BushesSmall-4
695010000Cap Set Free Moving Joint---
695020000Axis Set Free Moving Joint---
695030000Upright Screws Free Moving Joint--4
695040000Bar Attachment Bushes Free Moving Joint--4
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