Multistatic Regression Joint

The MultiStatic Joint enables fast, efficient, and effective static treatment of contractures primarily due to orthopaedic injuries or diseases, utilizing HLBS (High Load Brief Stretch) principles. The angle of the joint is set by an eccentric axis. This continuously adjustable static extension or flexion joint is used in orthoses for both paediatric and adult patients.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Treatment of correctable contractures in paediatric and adult patients.


We recommend combining the MultiStatic joint with a FreeMotion joint on the opposite side to ensure torsional rigidity and rotation of the orthosis. The joint can be used for both flexion and extension. Free adjustment between + 120° to -120°. Works bilaterally. The joint is made of stainless steel

Item No. Size Width Length Height Diameter Weight
696890000 X-Small 9 mm 100 mm 6,5 mm 11 mm 14 g