SOT Thumb Orthosis

The orthosis is designed to restrict movements in CMC and MCP joints, support the hand’s arch and position the thumb’s joints and muscles in a comfortable and desirable resting position. To avoid overstretched ligaments that can lead to subluxation in the joint. The orthosis has an adjustable aluminum core that can easily be shaped to fit individual anatomy. The orthosis can be adjusted as the contracture changes. The orthosis can be machine washed with cover attached at 40oC. The smooth design makes it an excellent alternative to custom made thumb orthosis.

When extra support is needed for the wrist, the SOT Thumb orthosis can be used together with a wrist brace, such as 35204 Selection Soft or 35207 Selection Open Wrist. For patients with adduction contracture that has developed due to forearm fracture immobilization, SOT thumb orthosis combined with a wrist orthosis may be advantageous for night-time treatment.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Osteoarthritis*, rheumatoid arthritis, adduction contracture of the thumb, overload injury of the CMC joint.


Measurement text 1: MCP Width
Measurement text 2: Length from wrist to end of finger

Item No. Model Size L/R Measure 1 Measure 2
287201011 SOT Thumb Orthosis Small Left ≤7,5 cm ≤ 18,5 cm
287201012 SOT Thumb Orthosis Medium Left ≤ 8,5 cm ≤ 20 cm
287201013 SOT Thumb Orthosis Large Left ≤ 9 cm ≤ 21 cm
287202011 SOT Thumb Orthosis Small Right ≤7,5 cm ≤ 18,5 cm
287202012 SOT Thumb Orthosis Medium Right ≤ 8,5 cm ≤ 20 cm
287202013 SOT Thumb Orthosis Large Right ≤ 9 cm ≤ 21 cm
287211011 Extra cover Small Left - -
287211012 Extra cover Medium Left - -
287211013 Extra cover Large Left - -
287212011 Extra cover Small Right - -
287212012 Extra cover Medium Right - -
287212013 Extra cover Large Right - -
SOT Thumb Orthosis Basic Fitting Play video
SOT Thumb Orthosis Basic Fitting
SOT Thumb Orthosis fitted with Wrist Support Play video
SOT Thumb Orthosis fitted with Wrist Support