SELECTION® Thumb Rigid

Selection Rigid gives increased stability due to the non-elastic fabric around the thumb section. It keeps the thumb in a relaxed and pain free position. It is intended for mild to moderate arthritis in the first CMC-joint and protects the CMC-joint and the first MCP-joint.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Rheumatic arthiritis, after trauma, inflammtion, in case of hyper mobile thumb and wrist, after arthroplasty surgery and attritional wear.


None known.


Wrist circumference


Please watch our instructional video on how to use this product on You Tube.  Go to and search Camp ScandinaviaThe length of the orthosis on the radial side of the thumb is 11 cm (size M).

Item No. Model Color Size L/R Measure
352021010 Rigid Black X-Small Left < 13 cm
352021011 Rigid Black Small Left 13-15 cm
352021012 Rigid Black Medium Left 15-17cm
352021013 Rigid Black Large Left 17-20 cm
352021014 Rigid Black X-Large Left >20 cm
352022010 Rigid Black X-Small Right < 13 cm
352022011 Rigid Black Small Right 13-15 cm
352022012 Rigid Black Medium Right 15-17cm
352022013 Rigid Black Large Right 17-20 cm
352022014 Rigid Black X-Large Right >20 cm
352031010 Rigid Beige X-Small Left < 13 cm
352031011 Rigid Beige Small Left 13-15 cm
352031012 Rigid Beige Medium Left 15-17 cm
352031013 Rigid Beige Large Left 17-20 cm
352031014 Rigid Beige X-Large Left >20 cm
352032010 Rigid Beige X-Small Right < 13 cm
352032011 Rigid Beige Small Right 13-15 cm
352032012 Rigid Beige Medium Right 15-17 cm
352032013 Rigid Beige Large Right 17-20 cm
352032014 Rigid Beige X-Large Right >20 cm
SELECTION Thumb Rigid, Patient Instructions Play video
SELECTION Thumb Rigid, Patient Instructions