Unlike KiddieGAIT®, KiddieFLOW ™ is more flexible in the heel and toe area of the footplate and allows a greater range of motion. KiddieFLOW ™ is based on the same principles as our adult FLOW models and retains the same geometry as KiddieGAIT® and KiddieROCKER®. The orthosis supports the dorsiflexion of the foot in the swing phase, provides better control of foot positioning in the late swing phase, which in turn improves stability in the stance phase. At the same time, the softer foot blade provides easier roll off at the end of the stance phase. For a combination of increased A / P and M / L control, can KiddieFLOW ™, in addition to our other children’s models, also be combined with individual insoles or SMO.

Recommended Range Of Application

Footdrop. KiddieFLOW™ is designed to support footdrop, gait deviations secondary to proprioceptive deficit, unstable gait or low-tone gait, toe-walking with no midfoot collapse, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy.


KiddieFLOW™ should not be used when patients present with: Lacking ROM towards dorsiflexion (need at least 5o dorsiflexion past neutral), Very rigid foot structure, Quadriceps spasticity, Fixed postural Genu Valgum or Genu Varum, Fixed postural Pes Valgus or Pes Varus. KiddieFLOW™ should not be selected for children present with crouch gait.

Item No. Model Size L/R Footplate Length Height
288911011 KiddieFLOW™ Small Left 16 cm 22 cm
288911012 KiddieFLOW™ Medium Left 18 cm 25,7 cm
288911013 KiddieFLOW™ Large Left 20 cm 29,5 cm
288911014 KiddieFLOW™ X-Large Left 21 cm 31,5 cm
288912011 KiddieFLOW™ Small Right 16 cm 22 cm
288912012 KiddieFLOW™ Medium Right 18 cm 25,7 cm
288912013 KiddieFLOW™ Large Right 20 cm 29,5 cm
288912014 KiddieFLOW™ X-Large Right 21 cm 31,5 cm
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