SoftKIT™ Short

Every ToeOFF® should have a soft interface between the orthosis and the tibial crest. SoftKIT is a padding system that includes two narrow neoprene pads to create a pressure-free channel to help relieve any potential discomfort from bony prominences. The kit includes pre-cut pressure-sensitive MikroFIX tabs to easily affix the pad to ToeOFF®. An extra pad is included, so one can be worn while the other is laundered.

Item No. Model Color Size
283910011 SoftKIT™ Short Black Small
283910012 SoftKIT™ Short Black Medium
283910013 SoftKIT™ Short Black Large
283560011 MicroFIX Black Small
283560012 MicroFIX Black Medium
283560013 MicroFIX Black Large
283570000 MicroFIX Ears Black One size

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