CoverKIT™ 2.0

CoverKIT™ 2.0 is another new smart interface innovation from Allard. This new interface is designed to fit the 2.0 and 2 ½ models of ToeOFF® and BlueROCKER®. CoverKIT™ 2.0 combines our SoftKIT™ interface with a thin textile front to form a sleeve that slides over the anterior shell. Smooth, sleek appearance. The kit includes two narrow neoprene pads if there is a need to create a pressure-free channel for tibia prominences. If needed, the original straps, supplied with the brace, can be worn together with the CoverKIT™.


Please watch our instructional video on how to use this product on You Tube.  Go to and search Camp Scandinavia

Item No. Model Color Size Calf circumference
287650010 coverKIT™ 2.0 Black X-Small 31 - 34 cm
287650011 coverKIT™ 2.0 Black Small 34 - 37 cm
287650012 coverKIT™ 2.0 Black Medium 37 - 41 cm
287650013 coverKIT™ 2.0 Black Large 41 - 46 cm
287650014 coverKIT™ 2.0 Black X-Large 46 - 51 cm

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