ComfortPAD™ Ypsilon® Flow

ComfortPAD™ provides a gliding “sling” between the leg and the Ypsilon®FLOW “wings” located on each side of the proximal “V” of the AFO. It moves as the leg moves, making it ideal for sports activities such as running or bicycling. It may also be the interface of choice, for individuals who continue to experience pressure on the tibia even though the Ypsilon®FLOW is properly aligned. Also, for patients with small proximal tibia protuberances that press against the Ypsilon®FLOW's anterior support. Easy to put on and take off, even with just one hand. The wide, thin band offers exceptional comfort with no “hot spots” of pressure on the back of the leg, while also offering good range of adjustability and maximum durability. Cradles and moves with the leg to offer good feeling of support and comfort.

Recommended Range Of Application

Only suitable for Ypsilon® Flow 1/2.

Item No. Product description Size
288860000 Ypsilon® Flow ComfortPAD One size

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