SELECTION® Ulnar Deviation Splint

SELECTION® Ulnar Deviation Splint is intended to improve finger alignment and enhance hand function and functional grip. This hand splint is exclusively designed and produced using our unique three layer Selection fabric. With its low profile design, it meets the contours of the hand, without impeding function. The fabric can be trimmed without fraying, and therefore allows further customization if required. The easy fastening surface allows the hook to be placed anywhere on the splint to optimise the directional pull needed. The Ulnar Deviation splint supports the arches of the hand whilst providing re-alignment, stabilisation and can contribute to the management of pain. Should you need to provide wrist stabilisation for your patient, this splint can also be worn in combination with a Selection wrist splint.

Recommended Range Of Application:

For patients with inflammatory and degenerative diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, that has resulted in ulnar deviation. Selection Ulnar Deviation can also be used for hypermobile joints and weak muscles to provide stability. Not intended for use with fixed contractures in the hand.


Circumference MCP 2-5

Item No. Color Size L/R Measure
352181010 Black X-Small Left 13-16 cm
352181011 Black Small Left 16-19 cm
352181012 Black Medium Left 19-22 cm
352181013 Black Large Left 22-25 cm
352182010 Black X-Small Right 13-16 cm
352182011 Black Small Right 16-19 cm
352182012 Black Medium Right 19-22 cm
352182013 Black Large Right 22-25 cm
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SELECTION Ulnar Deviation Splint