KiddieGAIT® SoftKIT™

SoftKIT™ for KiddieFLOW™, KiddieGAIT®, KiddieROCKER® provide a soft interface between the orthosis and the tibial crest. An extra pad is included, so one can be worn while the other is laundered.

Item No. Model Size
283970008 Interface for KiddieGAIT Baby Small
283970009 Interface for KiddieGAIT Baby Medium
283970010 KiddieGAIT Baby Large
283780011 KiddieFLOW/KiddieGAIT/KiddieROCKER Small
283780012 KiddieFLOW/KiddieGAIT/KiddieROCKER Medium
283780013 KiddieFLOW/KiddieGAIT/KiddieROCKER Large
283780014 KiddieFLOW/KiddieGAIT/KiddieROCKER X-Large
283790011 MicroFIX drop Small
283790012 MicroFIX drop Medium
283790013 MicroFIX drop Large/X-Large