Boston Scan-to-Fit

20 February 2024
Precision with scanned measurements

We have many years of experience in the manufacture of the Original Boston Scoliosis Brace. The Boston Scoliosis Brace is available to order as a prefabricated stock size module or as a prefabricated customized module, made for a specific patient.

Introducing Boston Scan-to-Fit

For a truly individual fit, we offer the possibility to order Scoliosis Braces from a Body Scan of the patient. While the Braces are manufactured according to the proven principles of the Original Boston Brace, incorporating the classic symmetrical design, theĀ  Scan-To-Fit brace will now provide a more accurate anatomical module which provides an opportunity for better patient compliance.

How does it work?

Please follow our protocol during scanning process to capture the Patient's curvature correctly. This protocol should be followed, regardless of the scanning system being used.

We need a scan file of good quality, where the entire Torso from the Neck down to the Trochanter is included. We accept the file formats obj .ply .stl .vsrf .cxpxp .cln .ssn and Vorum Spectra format. There are several different suppliers on the market for scanning equipment. Consult your supplier for advice on how to use your scanning equipment optimally. We have created an instruction video that indicates the Patient's positioning and the measurements and markings required for a good result. In the video, we use an iPhone and the scanning app Comb.

You can find the instructional video here.

When the scan is completed, send the file and your order to

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