ALLARD AFO BlueROCKER Patient Testimonial - Roger Stevens

21 April 2023

Roger Stevens (Pictured) was supplied with an Allard BlueROCKER™ AFO from a UK based Orthotist via the NHS.
He contacted us directly as he needed replacement straps which we organised immediately, he responded to our customer service team with the below -

“You are a real star, Charmaine, Thank you so much!
I rely so much on my BlueROCKER now. My ankle is really bad, and I can't have the ankle fusion operation as it would mean 9–11 months off my feet apparently, and as I care for both my parents. I have got to be mobile and able to drive….the BlueROCKER helps me to keep going!
Keep up the great work!” 

“PS. a few weeks ago I was in a local pub when a lady came over and said “snap”. She also had a BlueROCKER! The lady was recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome and had been given a BlueROCKER to help walk. Rather different to my ankle problems (combination of too much rugby, football, sprained joints, and hereditary arthritis) but we spent 20 minutes comparing notes and talking about how much the BlueROCKER's had helped us.”- Roger M Stevens.

— Thank you, Roger, and your Orthotist, it is always great to hear real life experiences of how much our products are giving 'Support for Better Life!'