MultiMotion Uprights

For MultiMotion various uprights are available. All uprights are supplied pre-drilled for optimal attachment to the MultiMotion Joints. Choose between straight, offset and T-bar versions.

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Item No.ModelSizeMeasure
697010000Upright StraightSmall200 x 12 x 3 mm
697050000Upright OffsetSmall350 x 12 x 3,2 mm
697090000Upright T-BarSmallR/200 x 12 x 3,2 mm, T/150 x 12 x 3,2 mm
697020000Upright StraightRegular200 x 16 x 4 mm
697060000Upright OffsetRegular450 x 16 x 4,0 mm
697100000Upright T-BarRegularR/200 x 16 x 4 mm, T/150 x 16 x 3,2 mm
697220000T-Bar set of 2Small150 x 12 x 3.2 mm
697230000T-Bar set of 2Regular150 x 16 x 4.0 mm
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