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Education and training are central to the philosophy of Allard UK. We are excited to invite you to hear experienced, practicing clinicians speak at our live seminars and virtual events. We have delivered many high quality educational sessions with excellent feedback from our delegates.

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Currently planned seminars

Tuesday 18 May
Last signup date:
17 May
Free - Recommended for HCPC registered clinicians
Guest lecturers:
New Expert Speaker - Bob Meier! Bob has been active in the fields of orthotics, therapeutic exercise, and biomechanics since 1978. His special interest is in applied closed chain biomechanics and muscle function. He has taught numerous courses across North America, Australia and Europe on gait assessment, rehabilitation, and orthotics. He has earned six patents involving orthotics and applied biomechanics for spine and lower extremity applications. Bob has authored numerous articles and Clinical/Technical Manuals on both rehab and orthotic products ranging from the Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS), Sitting, Walking, and Standing Hip (SWASH) Orthosis, Partial Foot Prosthesis, Paediatric Orthotic Interventions and the ToeOFF ground floor reaction AFO
New Content!
The Webinar will cover the following topics:
- Functional Gait Biomechanics
- Apropulsive Gait
- AFO Customisation to Optimize Gait
Please review our program for full webinar content Download program as PDF here