Boston Brace Online Course

This course is focused on providing a good general level of knowledge regarding the prescription, design, fitting and adjustment of the Original Boston Brace system for the non-operative treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). The Boston Brace system is still the preferred choice in the non-operative treatment of AIS and is widely used around the world.

By the end of this event the participant will have a firm understanding of how to:
•    Assess and interpret X-rays with reguard to scoliosis.
•    Measure and assess patients for the Boston Brace.
•    Produce a ‘blueprint’ for brace design.
•    Fit the brace to the patient and adjust if needed.


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This course will take approximately 40 minutes to complete including the exam. On completion of the course and exam providing you achieve a score of 80% or above we will  email you your electronic CPD certificate.

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Please also review the following documents:


Boston_Universal Measurement Form.pdf


Boston Brace Instruction.pdf